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Blog entry by boshra shihab

Programming competition

The Syrian Virtual University  (SVU) organized the local programming competition for universities on Wednesday, 1st September 2021, at the Continuous learning and training center, 13 teams competed in the local programming competition of the (SVU), 4 Of them, qualified and competed with the rest of the Syrian universities in the competition, as a result, two teams from (SVU) qualified with 9 other Syrian teams to the final regional competition, which will be held in Luxor in the Arab Republic of Egypt during December 2021, in which teams from Arab and North African universities will participate.

The international programming contest for university students is considered the first programming competition that is organized by universities worldwide.

For more than four decades, ICPC has grown to become a globally competitive, developing and educational program in the world of games that has raised the expectations and performance of the competitors in this competition in computer science and engineering.

The ICPC Foundation, hosted by Baylor University, has been organizing this competition since 1977 and with the sponsorship of the American ACM and Pi Epsilon.

The competition is held annually according to several levels of competition:

  • Level 1 - National Competition: To begin with each university starts its own local competition. The winning teams from each university qualify for the national competition, where contest is confined to the universities of the same country. At the end of this level, several teams are nominated to represent their university at the regional level.
  • Second level - the regional competition: where the world is divided into several regions and the competition is limited to the university teams of the same region, which have been nominated by the countries of this region.
  • Level 3 - Global Competition: This is the final stage of the contest where competition is held among the teams that qualified from the regional competitions.


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