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Blog entry by boshra shihab

Opening of the Continuing Learning and Training Center

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, the Syrian Virtual University opened the "first gate of Continuous Learning and Training center" at its headquarters in Kafr Sousa, in Damascus, in the presence of representatives of academic educational institutions, companies and institutions interested in training issues.

The Center is a part of the Lifelong Learning program at the Syrian Virtual University, which offers programs for continuous learning and training in various professional field, with the aim of qualifying those with expertise and knowledge to accommodate
the requirements of the labor market; and refine their professional capabilities so that they can be invested.

The center adopts the concepts of virtual training and blended training that are homogeneous with the concept of digital transformation in qualification and training that the virtual university has adopted since its inception, the university, through
its experts and engineers, has created a "Masakat" platform for training, the platform integrates several digital systems, starting with the center's portal on the web (Portal), which includes all information related to knowledge areas and training
courses, as well as a training information system that helps in managing pathways and courses, managing user accounts and e- payment, and managing the e-registration process, and issuance of administrative and financial reports in an automated manner,
as well the learning management system, the exams and job management system, the forums, the trainee course tracking system, and the virtual classes system to complete the training process through simultaneous sessions between trainers and trainees,
and finally, the assessment management system, through which the trainee is evaluated through a final exam.

Dr. Khalil Ajmi, President of (SVU), explained in his speech at the opening that the university has an integrated vision for the concept of lifelong learning, starting with sponsorship young talents, as well providing what is necessary to enrich the skills
of the youth generation, in addition Sponsoring graduates after their graduation in order to facilitate their entry into various professional fields.

Acquiring skills is no less important than acquiring knowledge, and training has become an important factor in the success of any academic qualification.

Mr. Emil Abboud, (CEO) of Eli-syr Company -the company executing the project- confirmed in his speech that the technical and logistical requirements for direct practical training and distance training have been provided, and that the center is ready to
receive the trainees in a short period, after the typical training components have been completed at various levels.

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